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Our most commonly asked questions are here!

You can place order through live chat or via email.

You can track your order by using the tracking number provided in the email or you can get information via live chat or through our business WhatsApp number +1-312-910-5233.
And when your order has been shipped, the customer representative to whom you have given the order will specify the details of shipping and the time of receiving your order via email. That is how you will be informed of your order.

Yes, you can avail of your creative design box as well. However, just specify your designed box idea. We will make it real for you. Furthermore, just give us your box template, and we will create a unique box for your products.

You can pay for your orders through the following payment channels:

  • Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover/Novus
  • Maestro
  • PayPal express

And our site is secured by SSL technology; all online transactions on our site are completely secure and encrypted for your privacy. We understand your apprehension about providing credit card information online, and we want to reassure you that shopping with us online is completely safe and secure.

Yes, for this, you have to share the old designs pictures to get perfect color results for the new order or give your order to the same customer service representative or designer to whom you ordered previously. However, the expert will make your order the same as the old one. So, you will be able to have the same color again for the box.

Yes, we offer the most enticing graphical design services. For instance, if you have ordered your boxes and want to have a glance at their quality of graphic  designs and patterns, you can! We will send you a 2D and 3D mockup video of your graphic designed box. Moreover, we also offer RGB, Vector, and Raster Graphic facilities selection.

We have no hidden charges of anything at all. We specify the charges openly. However, if you are concern with the die and plate costs, then don’t worry because we do not add these charges to the costs. Moreover, we care about our customers; thus, we do not charge any die and plate costs.

Yes, we offer you flexible custom box styles. However, you can customize the boxes according to your imaginative style. Moreover, you can choose from the list of box styles available on our website. However, there are plenty of options starting from Tuck-End Boxes to Double Wall Front Tuck End Mailers Boxes. Just grab the required box style of your choice now…!

Yes! We ship to various countries as well. However, our delivery network has spread to other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Moreover, you can place an order from the continent of Europe and can get your boxes there in great time duration. However, you get your order all over the world.

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