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We Add Crown
To Your Products

Your Customers Will Love


Put your Cosmetic items in our packaging, and not only will they be safe, but they will also stand out on the shelves. Our goal is clear: to give you packaging that tells the essence of your brand, making sure it catches and keeps customers’ attention.

Made to be perfect

Every Cosmetic Box that we make at CROWNPACKAGES shows how much we care about quality. Our packaging goes beyond just putting things in a box. It’s made to fit the values of your business. We work hard to understand your vision and make sure that every box reflects the brand it stands for. We offer a wide range of customization options, from the choice of material to the details of printing, all while keeping a consistent brand image.

Unmatched safety for skin care products

Skincare items are fragile and need to be handled with care. They can be damaged by things like heat, wetness, or even an accidently dropped object. Our sturdy makeup boxes are made to deal with these problems. With competitive prices and a focus on wholesale, your skincare line will not only be safe, but it will also be offered in a way that is both cost-effective and protects it.

Taking your product to the next level

For those high-end collections or subscription services, our luxury packaging makes sure that the first impression is a great one. Like the excitement of opening a high-end gift, our boxes make the unboxing experience more exciting, which makes buyers want to buy that coveted item.

Wholesale options can help you save the most money.

Our edge over the competition isn’t just in style. We are proud to offer options that are affordable without sacrificing quality. Choose one of our wholesale deals and use the money you save to expand the reach of your brand.


We are ready to meet your needs because we know more than anyone else about packing. Want to make your goods stand out in a crowded market? Talk to the CROWNPACKAGES people. Let us show you a quote that shows how committed we are to being the best.




Dynamic Packaging Choices

  • Suitable for a wide range of businesses
  • able to fit specific product sizes
  • You can choose from a variety of box styles.

Eco-Friendly Material Options

  • Sources that will last
  • Biodegradable options
  • Putting care for the world first

Premium Printing Techniques

  • Prints with a high resolution
  • Use of non-hazardous inks
  • Keeping things alive and lasting

Enduring Build

  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Better storage life
  • protecting things from damage from the outside

Design that is easy to use

  • Boxes that are easy to open
  • Experiences with interactive packaging
  • Putting customer comfort first

Unique Finishing Touches

  • Finishes like matte, gleaming, or holographic
  • Choices for embossing or debossing
  • different styles to choose from

A Better Way to Open the Box

  • Thoughtful patterns on the inside
  • able to hold extra parts or inserts
  • Adding to the way a product is shown

Includes a range of sizes

  • From small samples to big boxes
  • Designs that can be changed to fit a variety of goods
  • Putting product safety first

Locks that are safe to use

  • Making sure products are safe while in travel
  • Keeping from getting sick from outside
  • Keeping the quality of products

Cost-effective ways to buy in bulk

  • Prices that are attractive for bigger orders
  • focused on increasing brand return on investment
  • Increasing the size of a brand

Customized Branding Opportunities

  • Placements of logos
  • Different parts of the style
  • Keeping the company identity in mind

Customer Service That Responds

  • Dedicated team for questions
  • Streamlined exchange routes
  • Commitment to customer happiness

Swift Turnaround Times

  • Expedited production cycles
  • Meeting tight deadlines
  • Prioritizing client timelines and launches

Advanced Security Features

  • Tamper-proof designs
  • Enhanced product safety
  • Providing peace of mind to clients and customers

Comprehensive Design Consultation

  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions
  • Translating brand ethos to design
  • Ensuring a unique product presentation

Step into the world of CROWNPACKAGES. Experience packaging that doesn’t just contain, but celebrates your product.

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