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Hi everyone! Today I’d like to introduce something exciting – CrownPackages CBD Boxes. For anyone in the CBD business, standing out is key; competition in this booming sector can be fierce; that’s where our custom CBD boxes can come in to save the day!

CrownPackages CBD Boxes Are Powerful Solutions

Packaging can make or break a CBD business. Take into consideration that one in seven Americans now uses CBD products and that number continues to rise; with CrownPackages CBD Boxes as your go-to tool, it’s easier than ever before to capture their interest and keep them coming back for more!

Custom CBD boxes let you express your creativity

Today’s market requires bold strategies. To stand out amongst your rivals and compete, thinking outside the box – pun intended! Our custom CBD boxes provide ample opportunities for showing off your brand – no matter whether yours is well established or just beginning. They’ll boost it like never before.


Let’s get right down to it – printing is where all the magic begins and at CrownPackages we offer top-of-the-line quality for custom CBD boxes. Here are your options:

  1. Printing in Digital Form

Digital printing (also referred to as inkjet printing) is an economical solution that ensures your designs stand out with sharp images that pop. Plus, this eco-friendly option shows your commitment to running an ethical business.

  1. Offset Printing

If you’re looking to make a big purchase offset printing could be the best option. This method is perfect for large-scale orders and gives reliable results. It’s similar to a well-oiled machine that is similar to the machinery in your CBD business.


Let’s talk style. Your audience demands something fresh and interesting; our customization options will turn your CBD boxes into conversation starters! Here are a few styles that could boost the success of your CBD business:

  • Child Resistant Boxes: Safety first! These child resistant boxes provide excellent means of safeguarding products in transit or storage.
  • CBD Display Boxes: Draw attention from every direction with stylish CBD display boxes! Showcase your products from every angle for maximum impact.
  • Window boxes: Create suspense by giving your consumers a sneak peek inside.


Make an impressionful first impression and impress customers by adding these special details to their CrownPackages CBD boxes:

  • Embossing: Give visitors an experience they won’t soon forget with tactile designs raised off of surfaces.
  • Debossing: Create an impressionful display by opting for sunken designs.
  • Holographic Foiling: Bring some shimmer into your design with shimmering holograms! They add an air of mystery.
  • Aquos Coating: Enhance and protect the visual appeal and functionality of your boxes by applying Aquos Coating.
  • Gold Foiling: Make yourself shine like an iconic CBD star.
  • Metallic Foiling: Adds elegance for customers looking for that special something.
  • Spot UV: Bring extra wow factor by spotlighting certain areas for an eye-catching effect.

Utilize CrownPackages CBD Boxes to Reach Out and Engage Your Audience

Stories have an unparalleled ability to engage audiences of any age and background, which is why our packaging tells the tale of your product or brand’s journey with vivid colors, features, and logos narrating its journey can bring your customers right along for the ride! Connecting with an audience builds trust and loyalty; our CBD boxes with logos do just that.


Now, you may be asking why CrownPackages is the ideal option for your CBD packaging requirements. Well, let me put it this way:

  • Free Generic Samples: At Generic Solutions Group we believe in transparency; as such we send free samples so you can compare our quality for yourself.
  • No Hidden Fees: No hidden costs here – everything you see is exactly as promised – no nasty surprises here.
  • Free Shipping: At Free Shipping we aim to make the experience as stress-free and effortless as possible for our clients.

How Can We Contact Each Other

Are You Ready To Take the Plunge? Get In Touch Now To Place Your Order. Whether via telephone call, email exchange, live support chats or social media. Our agents are standing by with advice at every turn – let’s see where this leads!


At Quality Boxes we value quality over quantity – that’s why we only supply premium materials for your CBD boxes. Take your pick between:

  • Cardboard packaging: sturdy and secure – an ideal material to protect products!
  • Kraft: Kraft offers stylish yet eco-friendly furniture options – an excellent selection for anyone concerned with protecting the planet.
  • Rigid and Corrugated Paper: Provide additional durability with its added sophistication.

Submit for Free Design Consultation now

Design consultation services provided by our expert team are completely complimentary, including 3D mockups of artwork you create with them and help in brainstorming brand logo ideas as well.

Custom Samples Available Now

Are you curious as to what your design will look like when put in its proper environment? Order a customized sample before finalizing your order so you’re 100% certain of what choice makes sense for you! We want you to have complete faith in your selections.

Endless Size Options available

We don’t believe that one size fits all. We customize the design of your CBD boxes to meet your specific needs there is no limit to size, shape or design. Our vision is what we create.


Now let’s put all this information together in an easily comprehensible table

Technical Specifications                Details
Flexible Packaging Options
  • Customizable for various industries
  • Products customized according to product size and dimensions
  • Diverse range of box types available
Premium Material Options Available
  • Cardboard, Kraft Paper, Rigid Boards and  Corrugated Paper are the basic building blocks of corrugated packaging material.
Print Options for CBD Boxes
  • Digital Printing 
  • Offset Printing
Trending Styles for CBD Boxes
  • Child Resistant Boxes
  • CBD Display Boxes
  • Window Boxes
Special Add-Ons and Features
  • Embossing Debossing
  • Holographic Foiling &  Aquos Coating
  • Gold Foiling, Metallic Foiling & Spot UV
How to Reach Us
  • Call, Email, Live Chat Support
CrownPackages Provider Benefits of Collaboration
  • Free Generic Samples
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Shipping

Free Design Consultation

  • Expert design team
  • Free 3D mockups

Custom Samples Available

  • Witness Your Creation In Motion
  • Expansive Size Options Depending On Your Vision and Dimensions.

CrownPackages CBD Boxes provide your CBD business with endless opportunities. Elevate your brand, connect with customers and stand out in an increasingly crowded CBD marketplace – we are here to make your packaging dreams a reality – contact us now so that together, let’s create packaging that tells your unique tale!

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