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Choosing the Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate packaging tape is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of your items during packing, shipping, and storage. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine which tape suits your requirements best. Fear not, as CrownPackages presents a comprehensive guide to the different types of packaging tape and their applications.

Hand Packaging Tape

Hand Packaging Tape offers ease of application and affordability, allowing you to secure your products swiftly and effectively. CrownPackages offers a diverse range of Hand Packaging Tape with various adhesive options, including Rubber, Acrylic, Hot Melt, and Plant-Based Starch, catering to a wide range of needs.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Hand Packaging Tape

Rubber Hand Tapes

Rubber Adhesive Tapes are the standard choice for most packaging needs. Their solvent adhesive adheres well to most cardboards, ensuring secure carton closure during transit. CrownPackages offers a variety of Rubber Adhesive Tapes, including heavy-duty options for heavier items, providing durability and strength.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Rubber Hand Tapes

Acrylic Hand Tapes

Acrylic Adhesive Tapes excel in low-temperature environments, making them suitable for cold storage or shipping. Their water-based adhesive reliably seals cartons, ensuring the safety of your goods. CrownPackages offers a selection of Acrylic Tapes that provide secure sealing even in chilly conditions.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Acrylic Hand Tapes

Hot Melt Hand Tapes

Hot Melt Tapes, made from synthetic rubber, offer high initial tack and tensile strength at a lower cost than natural rubber tapes. Ideal for use on recycled shipping cartons, these tapes provide a secure seal without breaking the bank. CrownPackages offers a range of Hot Melt Tapes ensuring reliable performance.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Hot Melt Hand Tapes

Paper Hand Tapes

For environmentally conscious packaging, Paper Tapes are an excellent choice. CrownPackages’ Kraft Paper Tape, made from recyclable materials, offers a sustainable alternative to plastic tape while providing a neat finish. Easy to use with Magnum Dispensers, these tapes are ideal for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Paper Hand Tapes

Water Activated Tape

CrownPackages introduces Water Activate Tape (WAT), a 100% recyclable paper tape with plant-based starch adhesive. Offering the security of traditional packaging tape without the plastic, WAT ensures a strong seal and is easily activated by moisture. Available with reinforced fibers for added strength, WAT is an eco-friendly choice for packaging needs.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Water Activated Tape

Machine Packaging Tape

Machine Packaging Tape is essential for businesses with high-volume supply chains, offering affordability and ease of use. CrownPackages provides Machine Tapes in Rubber, Acrylic, and Hot Melt adhesives, ensuring reliable seals and significant time and cost savings.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Machine Packaging Tape

Warning Tape

Warning Tapes provide an effective way to protect fragile items during transit. CrownPackages offers a variety of Warning Tapes, including Fragile, Handle with Care, Security Seal, and Top Load Only, helping to identify and safeguard delicate items effectively.

Right Packaging Tape for Your Needs-Warning Tape

Choosing the Perfect Tape

The key to optimal packing tape selection lies in evaluating several factors:

  • Usage: Consider how the tape will be used (sealing, bundling, etc.)
  • Transport Methods: Different methods (air freight, shipping containers) require varying levels of protection.
  • Product Weight and Fragility: Heavier or more delicate items necessitate stronger tapes.
    By understanding these factors and exploring Crown Packages’ diverse selection of packaging tapes, you can ensure your products reach their destination securely and efficiently.

Your Packaging Tape Needs with CrownPackages

Choosing the right packaging tape is paramount to safeguarding your packages during transit or storage. CrownPackages recognizes the importance of selecting the perfect tape for your specific requirements.

Diverse Tape Solutions for Every Need

From transparent seals to heavy-duty reinforcements, temporary closures, or customized branding, CrownPackages offers a wide array of packaging tapes tailored to suit your distinct needs. Our range encompasses tapes with varying strengths, adhesive properties, visibility levels, and customization options, ensuring you find the perfect tape to secure your packages effectively.

Expert Guidance and Support

For comprehensive assistance with your tape-related needs, CrownPackages is here to help. Our technical team is dedicated to providing detailed information about our products and addressing any queries you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to explore how CrownPackages can elevate your packaging experience.


Selecting the right packaging tape is crucial for ensuring the safety of your items during transit and storage. With CrownPackages, you’ll find tailored solutions for every need, from Hand Packaging Tape to Machine Packaging Tape and more. Our expert guidance and support ensure that you’ll find the perfect tape for your requirements. Elevate your packaging experience today with CrownPackages, your partner in packaging excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tape is used for packaging?

Acrylic Packing Tape is commonly used for packaging. It bonds instantly to corrugated surfaces, offering high clarity, UV resistance, and excellent performance in extreme temperatures.

Why use packaging tape?

Packaging tape ensures your boxes remain sealed during transit, providing a strong bond between the tape and package. Natural rubber packing tape offers superior adhesion for adverse conditions without being affected by water, heat, or solvents.

What tape to use for packages?

Polypropylene tape is a common and reliable choice for packaging needs. It offers strong adhesive properties for sealing both light and heavy packages, making it suitable for various applications.

Is packaging tape plastic?

Yes, packaging tapes come in various forms of plastic, including BOPP Tape, UPVC Tape, MOPP Tape, and Filament Tape. These tapes are commonly used for carton sealing and other packaging applications.

Is packaging tape strong?

Yes, packaging tape is designed to be strong and durable, capable of withstanding years of cold, heat, and humidity without losing its adhesive properties. It is ideal for securely packing boxes.

What is polythene tape?

Polythene tape is a polyethylene film coated with a clear, stable, pressure-sensitive, rubber-based adhesive. It offers good low-temperature performance, flexibility, water resistance, and abrasion resistance.

How is packaging tape activated?

Water activates the adhesive on water-activated tape, turning it into a tacky, fluidic adhesive that adheres securely to corrugated boxes. This type of tape is designed specifically for secure closure of corrugated boxes.

Is package tape waterproof?

Most packing tapes are water-resistant or have a water-resistant coating to protect packages from moisture to some extent. However, not all packing tapes are entirely waterproof, and prolonged exposure to water may affect their adhesive properties.

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